Facts about Expired Listings

Here’s a shocking fact: 15% to 20% of all listings do not sell.

The market rejects them.
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In other words, the market did not accept the Marketing Effort, the Price, the Condition, the Location, or a combination of these areas—perhaps all four of them!

The good thing is that you control two of these areas: Price and Condition. We control one: Marketing Efforts.

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Marketing Effort

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Home Tours

Multiple photos in MLS/Instagram


Virtual Tours/ Live Open House Web Streams

Color Brochures



Team Caravan


Broadcast Email

Social Media and more


A fifty dollar bill is a great example: they all look good, but people will always choose the nice, clean, crisp one over a dirty wrinkled one. How does your house look compared to others on your street? This is the crucial important difference between Showing condition and Living condition. Buyers need to ONLY see Showing condition homes.


No one can do a thing about their location except to accent the positives and minimize the negatives.


This is one we BOTH have control over…..A weak Realtor’s only tool is the price reduction tool. We agree with you that cutting the price should be the last resort. The First Resort? Setting it correctly, to begin with.

Overpricing a home is the usual reason a home does not sell, but the condition will help determine what the market is willing to pay. Remember that YOU control price and condition. The wrong price attracts the wrong buyers. It creates a bad reputation for the house in the market place and makes properly priced homes look even better. Would anyone intentionally put their home on the market to help sell the competition?

The Gallatin Group sells their listings in 24 days (on average) for an average of 101% of list price! We set the right price, and rarely discount.

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Setting the wrong price is like tossing money in the ocean... Who you hire to list your home makes a very significant difference!

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