From condos on Valley Street to mansions further South, homes for sale here have no HOA’s to force them into homogenous look-alike cookie-cutter subdivisions. EVERY home here is unique, and could be 25 years old, or nearly 100! Below, is the current median sold price for detached homes in Happy Valley, Newhall.

Happy Valley is a truly charming area south of Lyons Avenue in Newhall that features homes at EVERY price point imaginable.

We visit this neighborhood every 2-3 weeks, and are getting to know it as if we lived there. We want your business in Happy Valley!

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The average home for sale in Happy Valley is 48 years old.
Newhall Real Estate - Happy Valley Real Estate Sold Homes By Decade

Below is a link to a set of videos showing the neighborhood as we drove it in early 2016, on Facebook.

Happy Valley Snippet

Search Happy Valley Real Estate By Price:

Happy Valley $250-$400k These are rare but pop up. Peachland Condominiums listings are common.
Happy Valley $400-$500k Expect an older fixer at this price.
Happy Valley $500-$600k Grab it if you see a home in this range!
Happy Valley $600-$700k Great homes in this price band as well.
Happy Valley $700-$850k Expect a larger lot size, at this price point.
Most homes have nice sized lots.
Happy Valley $850-$1Million Expect many happy years of living in a home found in this range!
Happy Valley Over $1 Million These homes either command amazing views, or have acre+ sized lots.