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Newhall and Happy Valley: The Cradle of Santa Clarita Creation

Newhall is our home! We've lived here for the last 5 years, and in Valencia's Creekside development before that. There is no town in Santa Clarita more diverse financially, culturally, or socially than Newhall. Located in the southern-most part of Santa Clarita, Newhall is where Santa Clarita originated.

Below is the view from the top of William S. Hart Park, a nice view we see when we walk the curved paved road to the summit almost every day.

Newhall is deceptively large, in that there are some places that most Santa Clarita residents have NEVER ventured into, such as Quigley Canyon, and Wildwood Canyon. They are far apart from each other, and about as diverse as you can get, with Quigley Canyon homes for sale set in a rancho mecca, while Wildwood Canyon homes (like the one below) are set apart in a mansion enclave.

Hart Park above Happy Valley
Above, a custom home on Cherry Street in Happy Valley.

From condos on Valley Street to mansions further South, homes for sale here have no HOA’s to force them into homogenous look-alike cookie-cutter subdivisions. EVERY home here is unique, and could be 25 years old, or nearly 100!   Happy Valley is a truly charming area south of Lyons Avenue in Newhall that features homes at EVERY price point imaginable.

We visit this neighborhood every 2-3 weeks, and are getting to know it as if we lived there. We want your business in Happy Valley!

On a casual drive, you would think most homes for sale in Newhall are either older, inexpensive homes, or else they are ostentatious mansions, tucked into unlikely nooks and crannies. Recently, the most expensive home on the market was in Wildwood Canyon, at $2.48 million.

You don't have to go outside the city limits to get a great view on a hike. At 95 acres, Wildwood Canyon Open Space is a hidden gem within the southern Santa Clarita Valley. The steep ravines offer shaded trails with moderate grades up to a ridge that provides a commanding view of Santa Clarita's beautiful skyline.

Wildwood Canyon Open Space hiking trail

Above: Wildwood Canyon Open Space

At the Southern terminus of Newhall Ave. you'll find the wonderful trails of Whitney Canyon and Elsmere Canyon.

Commuting from western Newhall (Happy Valley) to Los Angeles is faster than anywhere but Stevenson Ranch. Ready access to both the 14 and 5 freeways makes this the place to search for Newhall homes if you work deep inside Los Angeles.

Newhall and Happy Valley: The Cradle of Santa Clarita Creation

Neighborhoods on the other side of Newhall

See more information about our favorite part of Newhall here.

Valle De Oro lies at the southern end of Newhall Ave, and houses a large hillside community of modestly priced hilltop townhouses for sale as well as a huge apartment complex. The Lantana home development, closer to the freeway, has larger single family homes for sale. You can find very new homes in the Summit and Lantana subdivisions in the 600's.

Disney's new studio expansion to the South of Newhall at Placerita Canyon will lend considerable credence to the idea of Newhall becoming a brand new city in Santa Clarita. The studio's hundreds of higher-paying jobs will entice many employees to move out of the aging San Fernando Valley, and call Newhall their new home.

Needham Ranch

Needham Ranch is going to be a 50 acre industrial center that could greatly impact what people think of when they mention Newhall and Newhall real estate. 
Needham Ranch in Newhall







Lyons Ave. Corridor

The closer you are to the 5 freeway and EAST of the 5, the further you go back in time. The opposite is true WEST of the 5, as you venture into Stevenson Ranch.

Lyons Ave. Newhall, CA

The Lyons Ave. corridor is slowly changing, and getting more modern looking each month. Last month, near Old Town Newhall, I saw a dark-wooded (i.e. dated) western-themed set of shops getting a facelift, with new colors and signage.

Prices for STARTER HOMES in Newhall, CA (3 bedroom/2bath) below:

Homes for sale south of Lyons Ave. have many streets that are tree-lined, and boast unique homes, of all shapes and sizes, all built at least 50 years ago or more. These are where the true hidden treasures of Newhall are. Big lots, big shady trees.. Happy Valley and Peachland Estates are well worth your consideration.

North of Lyons, you enter the Valencia area's famously planned-out tracts, such as Old Orchard I and II, with most homes matching each other in square footage, if not the actual floorplan. These homes were built out in the late 60's, and are very family-friendly, with abundant parks and swimming pools. Students from this area will likely move on to Hart High School.

<b>Neighborhoods on the <i>other</i> side of Newhall</b>
<b>Neighborhoods on the <i>other</i> side of Newhall</b>

The Neighborhoods of southwest Newhall

View our short intro video about Newhall homes on Youtube.

Searching for homes for sale in Newhall, CA? Look below at our current listings.

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Searching for homes for sale in Newhall? Homes on this page are in the southwestern area of Newhall in the following subdivisions:

Apple Park
Apple PArk - Newhall, CA

Breckinridge - Brittany Lane - Colonial Fernando

Del Prado - Neighborhood bordering the 5 freeway on the east. Homes have a nice suburban vibe, but are saddled with freeway noise.

Happy Valley The home below listed for $1.25 million.
See more information about our favorite part of Newhall here.

Kelton Estates - Near the I-5 freeway, perhaps there is no closer commute to Los Angeles, than this pocket of homes in the $400's just east of the 5 at Lyons.

Above: Pool home on Cheryl Kelton Place.

Oakridge - Oak Valley - Paseo Dorena

Peachland Estates - Beautiful neighborhood south of Lyons Ave. featuring homes 30-45 years in age, but generally very well kept.

Rancho La Salle - The Oaks - Walnut Cottages

Wildwood Canyon
Wildwood Canyon is far and away the priciest of these areas, with most homes selling above $1 million. Come see why!

Search Happy Valley Real Estate By Price:

Happy Valley $250-$400k These are rare but pop up. Peachland Condominiums listings are common.
Happy Valley $400-$500k Expect an older fixer at this price.
Happy Valley $500-$600k Grab it if you see a home in this range!
Happy Valley $600-$700k Great homes in this price band as well.
Happy Valley $700-$850k Expect a larger lot size, at this price point.
Most homes have nice sized lots.
Happy Valley $850-$1Million Expect many happy years of living in a home found in this range!
Happy Valley Over $1 Million These homes either command amazing views, or have acre+ sized lots.

Area Listings

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