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Priced out of Ventura County AND Santa Clarita? Fillmore is a no-brainer! Situated right smack in between these two bigger population centers is the quiet but growing small town of Fillmore. No longer a drive-by city, many commuters are finding extreme value in the homes for sale south of the 126 highway. Brand new homes are for sale there priced in the high $400's that would easily go for $650k if you saw them 22 miles to the east or 22 miles to the west.

I am so fond of the area, I wrote a blog post about Fillmore real estate.

Fillmore real estate


The Bridges at Fillmore

Fillmore Real Estate Trends

The North and the South

The 126 freeway bisects Fillmore into 2 halves, with the majority of homes on the north built from the earliest times the city began in 1887, while the south side of Fillmore features somewhat more recent and brand new homes, priced starting in the very high $400's.

They've done an excellent job of making the newer homes appear more like the older homes, with many of them featuring Craftsman style architecture and wrap-around porches in the front. The homes by no means look cookie cutter at all, though they can't compete in charm with the restored vintage homes found on the north side.

If investigating the area as a possible place to move, stop in to Roan Mills, an organic bakery on Central Ave. for some awesome pizza on Fridays, or get a loaf of their bread, and immediately feel like you've gone back in time to 1955. Good stuff there, and at many other new stores popping up in the charming center of town.

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