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The City of Santa Clarita has clearly not forgotten about Old Town Newhall. It will be less "old" each and every year for the next several years, as new developments will turn this neighborhood into a bustling arts and entertainment district.

The aim: Pasadena Old Town but on a smaller scale. Santa Clarita's Vision 2020 document spells out the plans for mixed use properties, with storefronts on the ground floor and new condominiums for sale on 2nd or 3rd floors in downtown Newhall. This will spread new money to the rest of the downtown area, and slowly gentrify Newhall from a withering, forgotten train stop in the 80's into a central hub for millennials who want to use mass transportation, and use WalkScore website rankings in their decision making.

Downtown Newhall has many community features the entire Santa Clarita area considers valuable: a state of the art library and senior center, 2 city parks, a Metrolink station, the DMV and of course, Old Town.

Real estate in this area is currently comprised of older, smaller homes for sale built from the 1940's to 1970's, but with these new developments, home values will rise, allowing for renovations and remodels galore.

A large industrial center, Gate King Industrial Park, opened up just south of downtown, that has a nice amount of open space as well for hiking. Beneath your feet, you might be walking where the first stagecoach stop in Newhall was built, or where over 1,000 Chinese railway workers died. Newhall is brimming with history, as well as interesting real estate.

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Downtown Newhall | Newhall Real Estate

Newhall: The Future Entertainment Capital of the SCV?

Old Town Newhall has continued to gain a reputation as a place to go for activities and nightlife. While the annual Cowboy Poetry Festival is the town's signature event, Newhall is becoming the 'Valley Village' of Santa Clarita... Hip and trendy restaurants and shops are beginning to transform Old Town into an entertainment destination... (Sorely needed in Santa Clarita...) The "Thursdays" series is an excellent example of this. The addition of the Laemmle Theater just adds to the choices.

Newhall: The Future Entertainment Capital of the SCV?
Newhall: The Future Entertainment Capital of the SCV?

Investors: Consider Newhall

Investors: You WANT to invest here! For example, the plan for Old Town Newhall consists of a 20-block downtown served by Metrolink commuter rail, a commercial corridor along Main Street, two complementary residential neighborhoods, and a light industrial district.

Artists renderings for old town newhall build-out

When completely built-out, the Specific Plan includes up to 1,092 new residential homes for sale and nearly 1-million square feet of new commercial space. Some of this growth will be attributed to new development, while some will also include revitalization of existing buildings, such as Laemmle Theaters 6 screen movie house.

old town newhall office renderings

old town newhakk, ca artist renderings 2

For example, plans are under way to add a modest 30 low income homes adjacent to the Newhall Metrolink Park and Ride station in the next 12 months. It is a controversial move, with some residents worrying that low-income property owners will not participate in keeping the area clear of graffiti and other scourges that pull down property values and quality of life. On the other hand, property priced at all ranges is desperately needed in all of Santa Clarita.

There are no measurable sales stats for the area NOW. Check back when Newhall Crossings is built out!

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