Inspiration below for the day you are able to shop for a pool home. Santa Clarita’s warm climate has almost made having a pool home a necessity (At least during the Summer). All but one of these pools is located in the backyard of a Valencia home that cost under $1.4 million. The last one though, is from a home over $3 million. Enjoy.

The advantages associated with owning a home attached with a swimming pool:
Pools contribute immensely in enhancing the aesthetic value of the yard.
People fond of throwing parties occasionally see the pools as a potential entertainment center. People seeking a relaxed retreat after an intense hot day can cool down in the pool, especially in warmer states.
Pools can serve as a potential health enhancer by allowing for in-water exercises.
The property’s resale value gets appreciated significantly if a pool accompanies the house.

Are there are disadvantages too?
Pools call for regular maintenance involving expensive chemicals; water change etc.
Pools can fall prey to scum accumulation if not maintained regularly.
People with toddlers are overly concerned with the safety aspect of the pool as a single careless step on the part of a child can lead to accidental drowning or death.
Many people, especially those in colder regions are not keen to purchase properties with pools. Pools occupy a significant portion of the yard and in small areas, this can be stifling.
The premium value of insuring homes with pools is higher compared to their standalone counterparts.

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