There are hundreds of condominium and townhouse communities in Santa Clarita. Guess how many are FHA loan approved? A dozen.

“We found that a lot of HOA’s have a perception that an FHA loan recipient is formerly homeless,” said Irma Vargas, Chair of the Housing Affordability Fund.

This is… disgraceful. A vast majority of FHA loan recipients are productive members of the community, including teachers, nurses and vets. Many are just first-time home buyers with great credit. Prospective homeowners are left out in the heat… either by HOA’s finding that the FHA certification rules are just too complicated and tedious, or the HOA’s don’t even bother to try, preferring to keep out those whose wealth doesn’t approach theirs.

The government uses babblespeak to call these people “underserved.” I call them “screwed.”

Santa Clarita HOA’s need to do everything in their power to get their complexes FHA certified. They are important stepping stones for people to eventually buy detached homes. It’s simply the right thing to do.